6 Best LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to Get More Leads from LinkedIn

Did you know that 93% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to be the most effective platform for getting new leads?

Also, 50% of LinkedIn members reported that they are more likely to buy from a company they engage with on LinkedIn.

All these facts show that this platform could be a great place for rapidly growing your business from now on.

But, understandably, getting new leads is no easy task. 

Before beginning with lead generation, you need to make sure that your profile is optimised properly.

Producing valuable articles, creating videos, visuals, infographics, getting your posts to be seen by numerous people, and outreaching all of those people can be more than exhausting.

It takes a lot of time and energy to get it done properly – unless you get some help with it.

That’s where LinkedIn marketing solutions jump in to help you make use of your knowledge in the best way, save a lot of your time and bring you a bunch of new leads.

In this article, we’re going to present 6 best LinkedIn marketing solutions for getting more leads on LinkedIn.

We’re gonna take a look at what those tools are for, how using them could help your business, pricing packages information, and we’ll give you some actionable tips for using those solutions.

Those solutions include:

The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool – tool for LinkedIn outreach
Lempod – used for boosting LinkedIn post views
LinkedIn Elevate – for sharing content easily
CrystalKnows – for understanding a lead’s personality
Lumen5 – for creating videos
Venngage – for creating infographics and visuals

The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool – Powerful Tool for LinkedIn Outreach

The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool is a cloud-based LinkedIn marketing solution for generating new leads.

By using this outreach tool, you can easily filter prospects using one of The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool’s advanced targeting options.

The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool can save you up to 6 hours a day while getting you 10 times more leads, without risking your account’s safety.

It is useful for agencies and everyone who needs to manage more than one account, and one big plus  is that there is no limit to the number of accounts you can switch 

Using its Smart Inbox feature, you can manage all of your conversations without leaving the app, you’re able to separate messages per campaign and to leave notes next to conversations.

For example, let’s say we want to engage with the users who interacted with the post below.

Those are the people who are probably interested in some marketing growth formula, and we can offer them some valuable advice or contact them to identify what their exact needs are.

We can do this using The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool by copying the link to this post and paste it into our campaign after choosing the option Post engagement in the Create new campaign segment.

Clicking Next will lead us to the point of choosing an option that fits our strategy. Let’s say we want to use the invite to connect to reach out engaged users.

Here, you can create your personalized message by using variables like {{FirstName}} or {{companyName}} and let The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool do the rest.

This is an easy way to interact with users that have engaged with any post and generate new leads with just a few clicks.


There is one pricing option on The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool, because every user gets the full package, which now costs only £147 per LinkedIn account on a monthly basis.

Lempod – Tool for Boosting LinkedIn Post Views

Lempod is a Chrome Extension that allows you to get 3 to 10 times more views on your LinkedIn posts thanks to automating the comments and likes of other LinkedIn content makers.

This LinkedIn marketing solution is suitable for startups, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, talent recruiters, and other users who want to increase the visibility of their posts.

It’s the marketplace of Pods (groups) sorted by topics, where you can find people and companies that share the same values as you, and it helps you increase your LinkedIn reach.

Whether you’re a content marketer, SaaS company, or a different kind of business, you will find the perfect Pod for you using Lempod’s easy search in the marketplace tab.

After you’re accepted by the Pods, you can promote your posts there. 

Just copy the link to your post and click on the Lempod icon in the upper right corner of your browser.

Lempod will recognize the post automatically and then you can start with your promotion.

You can also choose the type of comments that you want Pod members to use while engaging with your post.

Let’s say you want to increase the visibility of your post where you’re sharing a guide on how to become a successful content creator on LinkedIn.

Posts like this one can easily become viral, especially using Lempod.

After you share your post, Pod members will drop a few “Guide” comments, which could allow you to share even more content with them. 


Lempod offers two packages, one for individuals, and another for companies. 

The details of what is included in each package are below, so you can take a look and choose which one fits you better.

lempod pricing

LinkedIn Elevate – Marketing Solution for Sharing Content Easily

LinkedIn Elevate is a paid employee advocacy platform that helps companies empower their employees to become their ambassadors and social professionals.

By making employees your ambassadors, your company can easily increase it’’s posts reach and engagement, attract prospects, and sell your products or services.

Elevate offers you a list of your most socially engaged employees so you can begin your employee advocacy program easily by getting them on board first.

LinkedIn Elevate

Once it’s launched, Elevate targets employees across LinkedIn with feed updates, promos, and InMails to engage them.

It also suggests content that is relevant to your audience, so you have more chances to succeed.

You’re able to track who you’re reaching with your campaigns and to optimise them in order to get more followers, leads, and sales as well.

The Analytics option in the top navigation bar will let you see a dashboard with trends.


Elevate’s pricing depends on the size of your company and the number of participants in its program.

To get more precise details about the price, you’ll have to contact LinkedIn personally.

CrystalKnows – Understanding the Personality of Your Leads 

Crystal is an app that basically helps you understand anyone’s personality on LinkedIn without a personality assessment.

It’s based on an AI analysis that scans millions of online data points to identify a person’s motivation, communication style, character traits, and other behaviors.

If you intend to improve your communication and persuasion skills or to build trust with your prospects faster, Crystal can help you adapt your approach.

It’s easy to set up. All you have to do is to create an account, which is free with a limited number of actions, and you’ll be able to look into other people’s personalities in three steps:

– Go to LinkedIn
– Search for someone
– Click on the Crystal button in the upper right corner.

The information you need will pop up on the right side, and there is more detailed info to see when you scroll down in Crystal.

Crystal offers you tips on how to approach the person you’re analyzing. 

It also allows you to immediately choose actions to perform based on those tips. 

Let’s say we want a meeting with Neil.

After we click on Email templates we can choose the proper action to approach him. This time we’ll use Schedule a meeting

You’ll get Crystal’s an example of an Email suitable for contacting Neil.


When you create an account on CrystalKnows, you get 10 free predictions, and then you have to upgrade your account to keep using it

There are 3 packages depending on the number of playbooks you get with them. 

Those playbooks allow you to get to know people on LinkedIn better in order to create better relationships.

Lumen5 – LinkedIn marketing solution for creating videos

Lumen5 is a video creation platform for businesses and brands used to produce engaging video content for social media, stories, or ads.

It’s based on AI and it enables you to transform your existing content, blog, or media, into a video.

Lumen5’s media library gives you access to millions of high-quality photos, videos, and audio files so that you could create a perfect video quickly and easily.

By offering these precious materials, and making the process of creating videos easier, Lumen5 enables marketing teams to focus on making great stories for their business.

For example, you can use Lumen5 to transform even your new blog post and then announce it on your social media accounts.

So for this purpose, we’ll paste the URL of our article and click “Go”.

Then, let’s say we want to announce it on our LinkedIn feed – we do this by choosing the News Feed. We can do the same for other social media platforms too.

After we do that, we need to choose the theme which we will apply to our brand later on.

When the building process is done, the window below will show up:

From there we’re able to edit the text and the video, and when we’re done we can publish it to our social media.

Many businesses – even The New York Times – create Instagram stories that resemble these, and they have a tremendous reach and engagement.

Those videos do a great job of increasing leads and brand awareness.


There are four packages that you are able to choose and all of them are available as monthly subscriptions. If you choose to pay for it annually, you can get a yearly discount.

The pricing plans are shown below.

Venngage – Tool for Creating Infographics and Visuals

Venngage is an app that helps your business present data and tells your story using infographics and visuals.

Using it, you’re able to create infographics in just three steps:

There are a bunch of different templates that could help you adapt your own project to them even if you’re not a designer.

You can add charts, images, and icons to make your infographics memorable to your audience.

You can also design presentations, Ebooks, flyers, posters, cards, and many other visuals that could increase your sales and brand awareness.

After you create your account, you’ll be able to choose the template you want to work on.

Suppose we want to create some infographics for LinkedIn data stats. We can type “LinkedIn” in the search bar in order to get something suitable for it.

Choose the one template you like, and you will see a window like the one below, where you’ll be able to edit the chosen infographic template.

This LinkedIn Marketing Solution can help you stand out from other businesses on LinkedIn by making unique and branded visuals.


Venngage offers three packages and you can pay for it on a monthly, quarterly or yearly level with some discounts.

The bottom line

In order to get more extra leads through LinkedIn, you have to create valuable content that the audience will engage with.

These 6 LinkedIn marketing solutions can help you save a lot of time and bring your content, communication, and understanding of the audience to a higher level.

That will result in bringing you more leads, getting a lot of sales, and increasing your brand awareness.

If you have any questions or you want to see how the ultimate lead generation tool works, to find out more, book a short demo call now!

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