Use LinkedIn to its full potential

Send personalised Invites to Connect, Messages, and InMails. Combine them with View & Follow features to maximize getting in touch with your leads.

Cloud-based system

We provide you with a dedicated IP address. Log in safely from any browser and manage your campaigns. Connect multiple LinkedIn profiles under one user account.

Create your perfect drip-campaign

Create sequences for your 1st, 2nd or 3rd-degree connections. Include highly personalised Invites to Connect, Messages, and InMails. Add as many steps as you wish. Set up time delays in between them. Sit back and watch leads come to you.

Personalise your messages

Include placeholders in your messages and stand out in your prospect’s Inbox.

Smart reply detection & get the lead back to the campaign

When the prospect replies to your message, the sequence automatically stops. Continue the conversation manually or return the prospect to campaign until you get the response you want.

Real-time insights

Track your campaign performance through our detailed analytics.

Smart Inbox & Light CRM

Directly integrated with your LinkedIn and Email, our Smart Inbox let’s you

Create a campaign that suits your needs

Connect your LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account and choose how you want to target your leads:

Working hours and limits

Set up a timeframe within which your account will be executing the sequences. Edit limits at any time.

Integrate your account with any other tool

Easily connect and push your prospects’ data to other tools through Zapier, Integromat or a custom-made webhook.

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