Avoid LinkedIn weekly limits

You’ve reached the weekly invitation limit on LinkedIn. And you know nothing about Multichannel Outreach…


But, hey, how come that restriction happened first place? 

Because LinkedIn limited Invitation Requests to 100 a week!


Unfortunately, recently, this is the message that started to appear far too often to LinkedIn users, whether Premium or Basic.

While still not very clear why many believe that it is a “new feature” rather than a warning or a suspension. LinkedIn is, namely, trying to prevent poorly targeted, spammy outreach, and limit the Connection Requests to people who you already know personally.

While all of this might seem like a legitimate reason for such an action, it significantly impacts Lead Generation on which many businesses heavily depend. Small or big, the possibility of getting through to your Prospects and converting them into Customers helps businesses gain huge profits and an enviable network of contacts.

This being said, don’t panic!

The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool  has a solution for you. (And what a solution it is!) 

Smart Sequences!

Due to the newest LinkedIn restrictions, Smart Sequences are the only effective way of generating and nurturing Leads. 

By using multichannel outreach with personalisation, you don’t need to depend only on LinkedIn features such as InMail or Messages. You can combine it with personalised Emails (found and verified by The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool).

Have in mind that The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool takes into consideration only email addresses that are 100% valid and that will for sure not bounce. 

Smart Sequences permit the highest possible number of personalised touchpoints with your Prospects. And even if none of them reaches the Lead, you always have the “Follow” feature at your disposal. It can serve as your final option for getting through to the Prospect in a way. You would be surprised how many Leads answer with a Connection Request once followed on LinkedIn. 

Therefore, The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool Multichannel Outreach is undoubtedly the most innovative and exhaustive path to getting through to your Leads and increasing conversion. 

The number of Smart Sequences is infinite, but you can check out some examples here. 

Because LinkedIn limited Invitation Requests to 100 a week!

If you count only on LinkedIn, you are hardly going to get any Connection Requests approved, let alone generate new Leads.

However, combining channels, operations, and building threads to serve your business goals will undoubtedly bring Lead generation to another level. It will raise the conversion rate by at least 17%

In a brief comparison of The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool with its competition we can highlight at least 3 additional touchpoints that our product offers and others don’t: 

  • Discovering if the Prospect’s profile is open to Free InMails and including the option of sending them in the sequence;
  • Discovering and verifying Business Emails and including them in your sequence;
  • Option of automatically proceeding with the Follow feature in case the Prospect doesn’t respond or denies a Connection Request.  

We haven’t convinced you to switch to The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool? Wait! Still? 

Sending Emails/InMails/LinkedIn Messages in one hyper-personalised campaign?

Business Email Discovery feature? 

800 Free InMails a month?

Combining LinkedIn features with Emails?

Image personalisation for Emails/InMails/LinkedIn Messages?

Automatically Following a Lead if not Connecting? 

Ok, let’s do it this way. 

Schedule a call! 

If you are not a The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool user (yet), schedule a demo call with a specialist from our team. Discuss how you can make the most out of our product and our groundbreaking novelties! 

If you are already our customer, feel free to reach us out on the Support Chat and/or schedule a Success Call with our Customer Support and Success Manager. 

We are delighted to explain how to bring your already awesome The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool experience to a whole new level!

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