A Step-by-Step Guide to Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile for Lead Generation

Optimised LinkedIn profile for lead generation is one of the first steps in the preparation process. In this guide, you will have the opportunity to hear about best practices about profile optimisation and how to prepare a profile for lead generation.

Start with profile headline

The profile headline is the first and one of the most important steps in the profile optimisation process. One of the problems is that business owners want to share their title and company success. Here is crucial to share how you can help to potential leads and in which way, you will help them to succeed. Everyone wants to see how you will improve their business, be focused on clients and their results, not on you and your results.

Good headline optimisation is crucial for search results on LinkedIn. It can help to be better ranked in the LinkedIn search results and potential clients will easier find you.

The formula for the headline is to share how you can help to potential leads using your knowledge, strategies, or technology.

Here is an example of a headline:

Helping B2B companies make more sales using automation

The tagline is showing to potential leads how I can help them to make more sales and how I will do that for their business.

Now potential lead knows how you can help. And its big chance that they will contact because of the well-optimised tagline.


About the section of the LinkedIn profile is the right place to share more about your business or services that you offer. Write a description of services and go in-depth on how you can help potential customers. At the end of the text, include a call to action and share more information about how potential lead can contact.

Share testimonials and case studies links in the about section, make videos with clients and show how you achieved results. Testimonials can help you to get social proof and to build trust with potential clients.

Cover photo

The next thing in the process of the profile optimisation for lead generation is the LinkedIn cover photo. The cover photo is one of the details that can help in the lead generation process. An easy way to make a cover photo is to use Canva. Personalise cover photo with your logo or with message how you can help leads. and include a call to action, email, and phone number.

A great example of a cover photo that can show your credibility is a photo from the event where you spoked. A photo can help you to show that you are an expert in that area.

LinkedIn article

Use the power of LinkedIn articles to share your knowledge and case studies. Reach for LinkedIn articles is lower than posts and photos but when a potential lead checks your profile and sees an article with valuable tips about how to improve the business its a big chance to contact you when they need your services.


Recommendations section is one of the most important parts on the LinkedIn profile, ask clients to write a recommendation and share resoults of collaboration that you achieved for their business.

Every potential lead can check your client’s LinkedIn profile and ask them about your service and their satisfaction. The recommendation is the best way to show and validate your expertise on LinkedIn.

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